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TTT server

The TTT gamemode is now in beta, connect to to check it out. There are still a lot of bugs and missing features, and there will be a proper launch at a later time.
Bugs may be reported in the feedback forum. Suggestions are always welcome, too!

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A place to talk about whateeeever you want

You have to set your picture again. A recent update broke them. It won’t happen again.

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Introduce yourself here

@Excl Thank you very much! Glad to be back :D

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Suggestions & bug reports go here
Trello discussion

Too high?! Can you make a video of that? It’s insainly low to me.

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Some description goes here
Jail Break Administrator List

I used to be a JB admin before I was demoted for inactivity if that counts, gmt -5 and I’d be on from 10am-2pm 7pm-11pm [(gmt +0) 3-7pm and 12-4am]

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Server Rules
>Trouble in Terrorist Town<

Random Deathmatch (RDM)

Intentional RDM - No Excuses

RDMx1 - Slay next round RDMx2 - 1 Day (1440) RDMx3 - 2 Days (2880) RDMx4 - 5 Days (7200) RDMx5 or More - 2 Weeks (20160)

Team killing counts as the same as normal RDM. (Not C4, as other traitors can see where C4 is.)

Grenade / Accidental RDM

RDMx1 - Warning RDMx2 - Slay RDMx3 - 6 Hours (360) RDMx4 - 1 Day (1440) RDMx5 (Or More) - 2 Days (2880)

RDM and Leave

RDMx1 - 1 Day (1440) RDMx2 - 2 Days (2880) RDMx3 - 5 Days (7200) RDMx4 (Or More) - Permanent (Please take screenshots, and send them to your SL.)

Special Cases

Prop Kill

x1 Warning x2 Slay x3 6 Hours (360) x4 - 1 Day (1440)

Chat Spam

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - Kick 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

False KOS (As an innocent. Traitors can call False KOS)

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - Slay 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

Trap Spam (Traps such as those on dm_richland)

1st Offense - Kick 2nd Offense - 1 Hour (60) 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

Traitor Baiting (Traitor Baiting is when a player acts traitorous when they’re a detective or innocent)

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - Slay 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

Ghosting (Usage of a communication system such as Skype or Steam to leak information about the current Round)

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - 1 Day (1440)

Advertising Other Servers (EX: Come join <ip> it’s more fun! ; ~~~~ has better servers then these.)

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - Permanent (Obtain screenshots, and add to ban reason.)

Door Spam or Blocking

1st Offense - Teleport / Respawn 2nd Offense - Slay 3rd Offense - 1 Hours (60)

Shop Item Abuse (Covering weapons or hands)

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - 6 Hour (360) 3rd Offense - 24 Hours (1440)

Admin Chat Abuse

1st Offense - Warning 2nd Offense - 1 Hour (60) 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

Exploiting the Map

1st Offense - Instant Slay 2nd Offense - 1 Hour (60) 3rd Offense - 6 Hours (360)

If there is anything I missed, please post it here. Have a better idea for a ban time, do the same.

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In character board about the Half-Life 2 roleplay server
UNION Training Manifesto

I like the looks of this already, I haven’t seen much action on the server sorry if I haven’t been on for a bit I thought it was RIP.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive minigames server discussion.

It’s hosted in Europe, expect high ping if you’re from the US.

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Post here to request an unban. There is no format.
TF7 Rules Unban Request

I was online at the time, at least, I was trying to get online at the time while I was restarting my Garry’s Mod and typing retry into console about 70 million times just to try to connect, because as you know, clockwork is retarded and wouldn’t initialize. Anyways, I’ll let you back in.

**[Unbanned] **

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Off-topic board for fast threads
Video Games that you play other than Garry's Mod

Garry’s Mod
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Counter Strike Source

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